Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Choosing a pen-name

After two years of prevarication and numerous hours of hilarity in testing potential pen names, I've decided to stick with my own name for my foray into fiction.

The analytical person in me made a list of the pros and cons which ended up fairly evenly balanced. I was persuaded by my heart which felt that a pen name would be dishonest. I've always been critical of the 'anonymous' bloggers whose hiding of their selves meant they behaved in ways they might not if their identity was known.

Why is my name a problem for me? Over the last decade I have published a number of healthcare business related books and run a successful training and consultancy company. The Internet is awash with references to my name which take you to aspects of my business related self. My long term web strategy has been successful in keeping my name at the top of the Google search page. How will my loyal business followers react when they discover I am writing fiction? Will they still employ me when they have read that sex scene in the novel?

It took me a while but I've eventually come to the conclusion that how my readers and clients react is their responsibility and not mine. I am only one person and I am looking forward to integrating my business life, writing life and home life into one Sarah Fraser.

In case I change my mind I am open to ideas for names. Feel free to leave your idea/s in the comments below!

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Nico said...

To think/write publicly about this issue is probably one step in integrating the several aspects of your life.
However, may be parts should have a name to get integrated instaed of overruled.