Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ether Books Mobile Publishing

While the world is still prevaricating over the issue whether ebooks are real books, something else is creeping up to confuse matters - mobile publishing. A large proportion of Internet users throughout the world have access only through their mobile phones. Also, many smart-phone users are accustomed to reading on their phones - emails and the like. It is a small step to read fiction on your phone.

Ether Books Mobile Publishing is one of those ahead of the curve. Poe once said that a short story is defined as a piece of fiction that can be read in an hour. Nowadays, short fiction is often something that can be read in ten minutes or so.

I thought I would test out this mobile publishing method and so far my experience has been very positive. Ether Books have two of my short stories available for a paid download and three flash fiction stories can be downloaded for free. Their free app is simple and easy to use.  Stories are filed into award winners, classics, contemporary, crime, feel good fiction, free, humour, intelligent erotica, mind-body-spirit, modern classic, new authors, noir, non-fiction, pocket poems, popular science, sci-fi, urban horror, white rabbit...

The app works well with their general website where you can find out more about the authors etc.