Thursday, 10 November 2011

Autocorrect trauma

Following on from the previous post about misspelling, I have to own up to frequent iphone autocorrect disasters, such that I'm considering not replying to messages in the future. I've tried turning off the autocorrect function but my typing on the screen is so hit and miss that autocorrect is preferable - just.

There's a website dedicated to our autocorrect messes. Just make sure you set aside plenty of time when you have a look at it!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Common misspellings: test yourself

So I did hesitate over "misspellings". Is it mispellings, mis-spellings or misspelings? Well I wasn't confused for long, but I did have to think about it. Besides, the system spellcheck suggests I got it right first time. If you fancy testing yourself on the 25 most commonly misspelt words then you can find it here. However, their maths isn't very good as there are 27 questions.

I got five wrong. How did you do?