Thursday, 26 April 2012

Choosing which book to submit

So choosing which book to submit is only a problem if you have more than open completed. I've got four full length projects that I feel are ready for submission. Though there's still a part of me that feels I could continue the re-writing and rafting stage forever. I've got the opportunity to pitch one book in front of a selction of agents and publishers in a few weeks time. Which one to choose? So far I've applied the following tactics to my decision-making, but haven't finally decided.

  • asked a few good friends which one they think they'd like to read 
  • done some market research as to which one has the best possibility for sales in that it's matching an emerging trend
  • fretted over which one is "written the best" (though of course, I'd like to believe they're all "best")
I think I'll end up going with my gut - but then, I'm not sure...

Monday, 23 April 2012

Google eBooks

I'm still not sure if Google eBooks is a good thing. There's something about the carte blanche scanning of books that leaves me feeling a bit weak and trembly. But then, it's change - and no-one likes change.