Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Audio Book Review: The Broken Bridge by Phillip Pullman

The Broken Bridge by Phillip Pullman
Narrated by Miriam Margolis
Purchased from Audible, Unabridged, 7hrs 10 mins

Hmmm, are we allowed to give anything other than an excellent rating to one of our National Authorial Superstars?

This story of an Haitian 16 year old girl living in Wales has some interesting moments and is best for conjuring up a good sense of place. However, there are numerous clich├ęs and the one about "feeling white in a black skin" really got on my nerves after a while.  The ending is remarkable for the fact it relies on a rather forced conversation between two people who explain how it all ends. Really weak in structure.
The story gets 1-2 stars from me.

The narrator, Miriam Margolis gets a glorious 4 stars. I'd choose a book again if she was narrating it.

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