Monday, 9 July 2012

Audiobook review: The Language of flowers by V. Diffenbach

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbach and narrated by Tara Sands
Published 2011 by Random House
Downloaded from Audible (paid for): 10 hours 53 minutes

An intriguing story using the device of the Victorian meaning of flowers as a method of communicating emotions and progression in the novel. The concept is interesting and novel. The heroine comes from a foster care background and there's a rather intense psychological focus throughout the book, at times gloomy and discouraging. In the end, of sources, things turn out just fine. 
A well deserved 4*.

I forgot to do a preview of the audio narrator before purchasing this book. Unfortunately this narrator seems to have been matched with the character of the book which in some senses no bad thing - youngish teenage.  However, it meant a rather ear splitting, nasal, sharp American female voice which may work for some people, but it really didn't work for me.  I ploughed on mainly because the story itself is sufficiently compelling. 
A generous 3*

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