Non-fiction Books

My early business-related books were published by Kingsham Press and are still available from them. However, to ease the distribution around the world, reduce the costs to the reader and be a little bit 'greener, these are being moved to a print-on-demand supplier and also made available as ebooks. Please go to the eshopfront to buy these books in your own currency.

Story behind the book
The eshopfront has all the details about each book. I've made some notes here about the story behind each book, the reason why I wrote it and what it means to me.

One of the invisible heroes behind every one of my books is my husband, Ian Fraser, who reads, comments, advises and copy-edits them all.

Accelerating the adoption of better practice; a workbook for healthcare.
This is the 2nd Edition of a book that started out as Accelerating the spread of good practice. Published in 2002 it was the first book on the topic within healthcare and is now available in a number of languages. I wanted to create a workbook rather than a theoretical tome. The book played a core role in my doctorate so it is based on theories of the time and my intent was to write in a way that explained a rather esoteric topic in a practical and useful way. It took nearly three years of research before I was ready to write it. As with many full length writing projects I managed to get three quarters of the way and then ran out of steam! Eventually I booked a week in Welsh cottage with my mother and my laptop and managed to complete it. The topic of 'spread' is now a familiar one and hope, a decade after this was published, that this book played a part in raising the profile of sharing good practice in healthcare.

Undressing the Elephant; why good practice doesn't spread in healthcare
Written six years after the first spread book, this represents some of my personal learning. I struggled with why what seemed so simple on the one hand, was being made so complex and difficult on the other. I spend nearly a year gathering stories about why spread doesn't happen and discovered that no-one would allow their work to be referenced as a 'failure', despite the fact we learn best from failure. So I chose to write this in the 1st person and allow myself the room to share my personal thoughts. It took a year or so to plan and then I wrote it in one sitting over two exhausting weeks. Editing took a few months after that. The book continues to be a bestseller in its niche and will be available in Danish in October 2010.

Rolling out your project; 35 techniques for healthcare improvers.
In 2002 I was faced with thirty stressed and tearful improvement project leaders, one of whom declared loudly that where "spread" was concerned, I needed to cut the theoretical **** and help them by developing something deeply practical. So this book is mainly a set of templates with minimal explanation. Born out of a crisis it is designed to help a project leader figure out what to do next, step by step, to spread results to a wider group. The latest version is designed to be a workbook for teams to use and early 2011 there will be a free guide available for facilitators and trainers on how to make the best of it.

101 ways to enhance your collaborative
This book started off as an FAQ file. Many clients asked the same questions about how they might design and improve the way they ran their Breakthrough Collaboratives. My aim in writing to book was to provide a cheap and efficient way for others to learn from my experiences. Some of my consultant colleagues said I was mad to document my experience in a way that made it available so cheaply. However, as I get nearer to retirement I am aiming to make my materials and knowledge available for sharing in the most economic way, From FAQ to book took around five years of collecting material, though the final writing up and editing of the book took a concentrated six months in 2010.

The patient's journey; mapping, analysing and improving processes
This book is designed to help project improvement leaders find ways to redesign and streamline the experience for patients. The impetus for this book came from working with nurses in a hospital who said they wanted to learn about the application of fancy improvement techniques rather than the theory behind them. And they wanted it in bitesize pieces. So I wrote this book using very short chapters, hiding the explanation f the theory and focusing on how to solve problems. This book is planned to be the estore early 2011.

Method matters; choosing which learning activity to choose when
I'm always surprised by the way trainers stick to one learning style and method (usually their own and what is familiar to them) without considering what might be best for the circumstances. This is more a pamphlet in the Victorian tradition rather than a book. I had something to say - and said it.

Understanding measurement in healthcare through carrying out a personal improvement project
I wrote this after multiple training sessions of new facilitators who started off their improvement facilitation careers from very different points. This book is designed to bring all participants and facilitators up to a minimum standard before they start their project work. At the very least it gives them an improvement story of their own right at the start and this is so important for their confidence and ability to influence others.

Integrating improvement initiatives into organisations; an action and resource pack
This is a booklet containing the key templates and exercises for teams to work through when their aim is to get their project work part of the mainstream of an organisation. One of the first tasks is to start with the leaders and this workbook is a starting point. It is often used by teams as part of Breakthrough Collaboratives.

10 techniques for helping individuals do better
This pocket size book was designed to be in a boxed set of ten. This is the first one. The others are all planned and ready to write when I have a spare moment! They are meant to be a quick read and to stimulate further reading. I am considering developing this one and its nine cousins as mobile applications.

Thriving in unpredictable times; an introduction to agility in healthcare
I know this book is ahead of its time. Written in 2003/4 it was revolutionary at the time and I suspect it will make its mark long after I have died! Many of the colleagues I respect wrote chapters for the book and it was a delight working with them. I've had some terrible experiences writing by committee but this book as as agile to write as the theories it contains.

I have a four new business books under research and development. As you may have discovered so far it takes some years to get all the content ready though once it is in hand the writing is fairly quick. I plan to publish two new books during 2011.

As these books are now moving onto a print-on-demand platform, if you would like a version in your own language without purchasing stocks to do so, please contact me [sarahwfraser(at)] to discuss how this can work for you.