Papers / Chapters

Papers & Articles

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Books & Chapters

S.W. Fraser, "Presenting at Workshops; Guidelines for Collaborative Programmes" September 2001 ISBN 0-9541360-0-4
S.W. Fraser, "Method Matters; choosing which learning activity to use when" October 2001 ISBN 0-9541360-1-2
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S. W. Fraser,"Accelerating the adoption of better practice", Lulu, 2010 (Print and ebook)

Internal Working Papers/Publications

S.W. Fraser, "A Training & development Programme to underpin Change", March 1999
S.W. Fraser, "Developing a Whole Systems Approach", March 1999
Mr G.A.G. Mogg & S.W. Fraser, "Implementing Patient-Orientated Fast-track Colorectal Services", April 1999
Mr G.A.G. Mogg & S.W. Fraser, "Rapid Redesign; Implementing Radical Changes Quickly", April 1999
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S.W. Fraser, "The Value of Best Practice", April 1999
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S.W. Fraser, "When spread slows down", Improvement Bulletin, May 2001
S.W. Fraser, "Identifying Opinion leaders", Improvement Bulletin, June 2001
S.W. Fraser, "Effective Conference Calls", Personal Effectiveness Bulletin, September 2002

Published Contributions/Reviews/Letters

In Health Service Journal 22nd June 2000 (Letters), NHS cannot live by methodology alone if it is to meet the latest change challenges'
In Health Service Journal 30th March 2000 (Letters), 'A flexible approach is key to moving on' (response to NHS Beacon Programme criticism)
In 'Shoptalk' on the topic of "Diffusing New Knowledge", Leverage, Pegasus Communications USA, May 2000
in Office for Public Management, Cabinet Office Research Project, The Effectiveness of Different Mechanisms for Spreading Best Practice, Ewan King & Sue Ollerearnshaw, April 2000
in NHS Beacon Report - Mental Health; Foreword, January 2002
in Health Service Journal 28th March 2002 (Letters) "Special causes responsible for waiting-list dips" (response to Wait watcher 7th March 2002)
In British Medical Journal with Dr D. T. Wilson "Making many small changes can result in quality improvement" 2002;324:1159
In Health Service Journal 8 July 2004 (Letters) with I.M. Rubin, "Behavioural Strategy"
In British Medical Journal 17th July with Dr I.M. Rubin, "Review of instruments for peer review of physicians... and our impact on one another is important" 2004;329:171
In British Medical Journal December 2009 “Gross and net are not the same” Free download here: